AUSTIN (KXAN) — Southwest Airlines canceled another nearly 5,000 flights on Wednesday and Thursday combined, according to FlightAware.

Many are still without their luggage. In fact, you could call it ironic to see so many bags unclaimed in the baggage claim area at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) on Wednesday.

Hundreds of suitcases were packed together behind barriers—Southwest airline staff keeping an eye on them.

Numerous unclaimed bags at ABIA (KXAN photo/Andrew Choat)
Numerous unclaimed bags at ABIA (KXAN photo/Andrew Choat)

“I’m just trying to find my bags,” Hayden Schrimpf said, walking around and through the sea of luggage. He told Reporter Jala Washington he and his family still need to reclaim seven bags.

Schrimpf isn’t the only one who has gone days looking everywhere for their belongings.

“If they have a system, I don’t know if, with Southwest, you can trust their system right now,” Schrimpf said.

While ABIA isn’t responsible for keeping track of bags, the staff is doing what they can to help travelers and Southwest employees keep bags secure.

“Part of our role is finding the space for these bags,” Sam Haynes, an ABIA spokesperson, said. “We have the Austin Police Department at the airport…security officers, as well.”

Out-of-control cancellations prompted Southwest to launch a new self-service website. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pledges to hold the airline accountable.

“They need to be taking care of passengers where they got stuck with meals, hotel compensation,” Buttigieg said on Tuesday.

You can fill out a form for missing luggage, request a refund for your ticket, and reimbursement for hotel/food.

However, it’s not clear if Southwest is offering cash upfront for travelers who can’t afford to pay out of pocket or how long receiving refunds will take.

“We have some real work to do in making this right,” Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan said.

Schrimpf isn’t sure when his family will get their things.

“They [a Southwest employee] said they have up to two months to get us our bags back,” he said.