AUSTIN (KXAN) — A friend of missing Alexis Garza, 15, says she’s worried after her phone call with Garza ended abruptly that same night.

Austin Police said Garza was last seen with her two-week-old son around 10 p.m. Thursday near the 2600 block of South Interstate 35. APD also said Garza had run away from a state facility, but did not specify what kind.

Faith Corona, the previously mentioned friend of Graza, is also a young mother and has been friends with Garza for several years.

She says Garza is in the foster care system, and was running away Thursday after being upset with how she was being “talked to.”

Corona said she was on the phone with Garza as the teen was leaving the facility, and that Garza said she was stopping at a fast food restaurant.

Corona says the phone call then ended suddenly with no follow up from Garza.

“Then out of nowhere the phone hung up and I kept texting her,” Corona said. “I was like, are you okay? Like, where are you? I was like, let me know, when you get to your place. No one has heard anything and that’s not like her.”

Corona said she still hasn’t heard from Garza and fears something may have happened to her.

“I hope she’s okay. Especially her baby, he’s just a baby,” Corona said.

APD asks for anyone with information about Garza and her baby to contact its Human Trafficking Unit Hotline at 512-974-4786.