AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of Austin artists opened their first fine art show this weekend—all while still in school.

This show is special as all art is touchable, removing the no-touch rule at most fine art galleries.

Students from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired worked with Austin art organization Almost Real Things to curate the show.

“I want them to learn that you can always create anything that you want when you put your mind to it,” said senior art student Larry, who was inspired by the Moral Combat video games. He wants art goers to see his emotions in his work.

Senior student Larry molds a trident. (KXAN Photo/Christian Marcelli)

“I’ve learned about how to express myself through art,” said Jazmin, an 11th grade student creating a paper mache Stitch character.

Natalie Earhart, the editor-in-chief and founder of Almost Real Things, said she wanted to give the students a fine art gallery experience. Earhart said students learned how to price their work, prepare it to be hung in a gallery and other exhibit details.

Art teacher Gretchen Bettes said her class is a choice-based class where students can pick the type of art to create. The mediums vary from weaving to pottery to mosaics—whatever the students choose.

This is the first show between the school and the art organization, and the school’s first off-campus art exhibition. Earhart said the idea started after a visit to the school during an art studio tour. She remembered hearing “You can touch everything in here. That’s how we see the art.” And that stuck with her.

“The traditional model doesn’t really serve people that have visual impairments. I don’t know of any galleries here where you can directly touch the art,” Earhart said.

Bettes said the show allows the students to talk with other people about their art and processes, hopefully as a way to build leadership skills in the students.

“I think this art show is really going to open up people’s minds about what our students have to offer and that they have a point of view and it’s important to be heard.”

“They’re so excited and energetic,” Earhart said. “It’s really fun working with artists who are just like young and on the cusp.

The show opened Saturday and will be up through May 28 at Almost Real Things Magazine HQ, located at 820 Shelby Lane, Ste. 103, Austin. More event information is online.