AUSTIN (KXAN) – The affordable housing crisis is extending to mobile and tiny homes. The demand and costs are going up, but there is not always enough supply to fulfill the need. 

Melissa Pontiff has only been in her tiny home for a year, and it is already paying off. A minimalist lifestyle at the “Village Farm Tiny Home Community” in central Austin has been a dream according to her.  

“Because of the housing crisis there are waiting lists to get in one of these tiny homes and the value has gone up about $40,000,” Pontiff explained. 

She is now trying to get her daughter into one to help her save on rental or mortgage costs in the competitive housing market. 

Staff at Village Farm Tiny Home Community say they are experiencing an increase in demand for their homes, and they have seen prices impacted by the housing crunch. 

“Almost two years ago we were selling homes at $89-90K, now our least expensive home is going to be about $160,000,” said Jovita Ndong, administrative assistant at Village Farm Tiny Home Community. 

Pontiff says the costs are still much lower than homes across the central Texas market and are still worth it for her and her lifestyle.  

The other most affordable housing option is a mobile home, but Texans say costs at their mobile homes are going up and in turn, pricing them out.   

“It’s getting tougher and tougher, we have jobs, and it is just not enough anymore,” explained Hayden Conover, who lives in a mobile home in the Dallas area. “It’s changed everything, I’ve got to try to find new jobs and make more money.” 

Real estate agents tell KXAN that people with more capital are coming in and either buying or renting out mobile homes as the demand continues to go up on the already dwindling supply. 

“There are a lot of investors or cash buyers that are out there that are willing to take your place if you’re not ready or you’re not prepared enough to get into these things,” said realtor John Veltkamp.

Mobile and tiny home manufacturers tell KXAN their industry is facing major supply chain shortages like other industries which are impacting the supply in our area.