AUSTIN (KXAN) — Faith-based advocacy group Texas Impact led a rally on the south steps of the Capitol building Monday in hopes of highlighting the potential threats voters may face in the coming months.

“We are here today to encourage legislators to stop the partisanship and hit a big reset on this whole voting rights question,” said Bee Moorhead, the executive director of Texas Impact. “We are on a bad path as a state, it’s not gonna end well for anybody who’s involved. And that’s a shame because all of our local communities want elections that are free and fair.”

The rally’s speakers ranged from major faith leaders to everyday Texans who advocated for lawmakers to compromise in future elections without violating voters’ rights.

“What’s at stake here is that people have fought for their whole lives for the rights of women and people of color to vote. We cannot afford to go backward in this state of this country,” Moorhead said.

Hundreds of people were at the rally, and they continued to chant, “Let my people vote.”

“We are calling on people of faith and other civic leaders all over the state to get involved and help make their county elections robust,” Moorhead said.