AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin band gearing up to hit the road for a show is now on the search for its gear.

Crobot guitarist Chris Bishop said he realized the band’s trailer with all their gear inside had been stolen on Friday.

“The trailer was here, and they came and cut the lock and attached it to their truck and left,” said Bishop.

Crobot is looking for any information about the red truck in this photo.
Crobot is looking for any information about the red truck in this photo.

Video of the theft shows a red single cab truck pull up to the trailer. The trailer is then attached to the truck, and the suspects drive off.

“I was in shock. I was ghost white. My wife thought I was going to throw up,” said Bishop. “For that to be gone and taken by someone who doesn’t care about it — that is really frustrating.”

Bishop said he had more than $30,000 worth of instruments, equipment and props in the trailer.

Drew Fish with the Drew Fish Band said he has had a similar experience when his trailer was stolen a few years back. He said this happens more often than people might think.

“There are way too many names of people who have had their trailers stolen to name them all,” said Fish. “In addition to trailers, gear gets stolen out of trailers all the time.”

Fish said he came home to his trailer lock cut off and gear was stolen out of his trailer. Now he has added a GPS transmitter to track his belongings if they are taken.

The same night the Crobot trailer was stolen, King’s X, a band who recently played in Austin, had their trailer broken into, and merchandise was stolen.

Crobot has a GoFundMe to help with costs. Bishop said they are uncertain when they will be able to go on tour again.