AUSTIN (KXAN) — As trail goers enjoy one of downtown Austin’s outdoor spaces, they’re now greeted by bold, bright faces like beloved singer Selena and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

These are Latina figures that have undoubtedly made an impact on not only the Latina culture but society.

The Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) unveiled its new mural, ‘La Mujer,’ honoring Latina women. It’s a mosaic mural made mostly of tile material, located on the trail near 600 River Street.

A group of teens—with guidance—created the work of art, which was four years in the making. They were a part of the Caminos paid internship program through MACC. It’ll be a permanent installation at MACC but will be on display outside along the trail downtown for now, while the MACC’s building undergoes renovations.

Teen artist poses with mentors in front of ‘La Mujer.’ (KXAN photo/Jala Washington).

The mural is a physical representation of the experience students gained through the Caminos internship. MACC is working to open doors for more artists of color in Austin and beyond.

“It’s amazing to have all of the support from the people around us in the city of Austin because there aren’t many opportunities for POC (people of color) to really thrive in the arts,” Bianca Olivares, one of the artists said.

Olivia Tamzarian with the Mexica American Cultural Center said the Caminos internship program has helped open doors for students like Olivares, who is now a graphic design artist. Tamzarian also said the new mural sheds light on Austin’s history.

“Rainey Street was the original Mexican0American neighborhood here in Austin,” she said. “A lot of people might not realize that so how the teens have come together to create a public art piece that really teaches folks about the history of this area…I think it’s important for teens to really see themselves in the artwork, that’s public artwork and Austin, because a lot of folks, especially people of color, they’re not really reflected in a lot of the public places in downtown Austin.”

The Caminos internship program is looking for new applicants. This is a 10-month program for teens 16-18 years old, paying $20/hour.