AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police and a SWAT team responded to what ended up being what APD is calling “a false report” of a shooting Tuesday at a south Austin home.

APD said in a briefing that SWAT responded because the caller said there was someone with a gun in the home and that someone could have been shot. Once officers arrived at the home on Beaconcreast Drive, they couldn’t find anyone at the home.

“Nothing could be heard or seen at that time,” APD officer Dimitri Hobbs said when asked if the caller could describe anything about the incident. “We’re treating this as a false report.”

Hobbs said false reports put a strain on resources and waste time when officers could be somewhere else.

“It’s very serious due to the resources involved,” he said. “You had eight or nine officers here … actually more than that because they were coming from different sectors. You also had a SWAT team was called, 20 officers and all their vehicles. It’s resources that are wasted.”

Hobbs said APD contacted a person who lives at the house, but wasn’t there at the time, and said the resident “had no idea,” about the call.