AUSTIN (KXAN) — New findings from an Austin-Bergstrom International Airport customer survey conducted this summer give insight into what passengers hope to see from the airport’s revamp.

Survey findings come as AUS continues its efforts to expand and revitalize airport facilities. Journey With AUS is a decade-long expansion plan that includes a new outbound baggage handling system, security checkpoint expansion efforts, a West Gate Terminal Expansion, the creation of a new 20-gate concourse as well as revitalized international arrivals areas and restrooms.

Nearly 2,000 surveys were conducted and analyzed to “build out passenger profiles” and categorize them as business travelers, leisure passengers or a blend of the two. AUS officials completed the survey via in-person respondents in the AUS terminal, as well as those who took the survey online.

Here’s a breakdown of some of those key survey findings:

Business travelers’ suggestions:

  • Airport conditions updates/database for passengers to check in advance of arriving at the airport
  • Airport app specific to all things AUS, as well as highlighting personal traveler information
  • Improvements to rideshare drop-off zone, security lines
  • Spot saver security program requests, as well as the ability to save lounge spots while in Transportation and Security Administration lines
  • Improve efficiency in lines/accessing rideshares, vehicles or mass transit when departing the airport
  • Incorporate wait time signage “that maybe starts as far out as parking or drop-off” that alerts passengers on estimated wait times and which security checkpoints have the shortest wait times
  • Dedicated lines for business or solo travelers
  • Increased charging ports/stations throughout the airport

Leisure travelers’ suggestions:

  • Better access to the terminal from parking lots/garages so you don’t have to walk in the heat or travel across a busy road
  • For people using wheelchairs or those traveling with kids, create a VIP/assisted arrival option
  • Improved communications on bus access from downtown to the airport, as well as other transit modes
  • Kid-friendly games and amenities in the terminal while waiting to board
  • More alternative payment options (Apple Pay, cash, etc.)
  • Increased visual arts, music, etc. that highlight Austin’s culture
  • Coffee, food options landside for those waiting for their rideshare or before heading to their vehicle
  • Climate-conscious pedestrian pathway: a tunnel, bridge or other mode to help passengers get to and from the terminal safely
  • Better wayfinding/intuitive options, especially for people who have any hearing or sight limitations

Blended business and leisure travelers’ suggestions:

  • Accessible parking/drop-off zones, as well as electric vehicle infrastructure, rideshare improvements and better public transit access/unique bus, stops dedicated to downtown access
  • Free charging for electric vehicles when paying for airport parking
  • Variable speed escalators
  • Free access to lounge areas for personal use, quiet time or space away from the main terminal
  • Limit speaker noise to the gate only; constant announcements paired with live music are overwhelming
  • Benches for those waiting in customs
  • Speedier baggage delivery to the carousel
  • QR code or other technology-based reminder for passengers on where they parked in the airport parking lot
  • Dedicated electric vehicle lanes and green zones for ground transportation that promote clean energy and sustainability

AUS officials said findings gathered from this summer’s survey will help guide some of the aesthetic and design changes incorporated into the airport’s overhaul.

“The goal of our work this summer was to create general passenger profiles by collecting insights and feedback from AUS travelers based on their experiences at the airport,” an AUS spokesperson said in an email to KXAN. “These passenger profiles have helped our teams to better understand the needs of all those passing through our airport. They are also helping guide the decisions on what we build, how we build it and the experience the new concourse will provide.”