AUSTIN (KXAN) — Drive down any road in Austin and what colors do you see around you? Chances are most cars next to you will be black, white or gray.

A new study by iSeeCars reveals the most popular car colors in Austin, based on used car sales.

According to the study, just over a quarter of all cars in the city are white, while about a fifth are black. Another 18% are gray and 12.5% are silver.

Colorful cars are much less common. Only 8.8% of cars in Austin are blue, while 8.3% are red. Other colors, like brown, green, orange and purple, make up about 3% combined.

The study looked at more than 10 million used cars sold across the country between 2018 and this year. The numbers are in line with a similar study conducted last year.

Just like in Austin, grayscale colors dominate the market nationwide. In 2018, 77.2% of used cars sold in the United States were either black, white, gray or silver. That number increased to 78.9% this year.

Across the board, used car prices have increased since 2018 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related supply chain issues. Despite their rarity, cars with less-common colors, like beige, yellow and green, have increased their value the most.

“These price bumps aren’t a reflection of color popularity, but of supply and demand,” said Karl Bauer, executive analyst for iSeeCars. “Not many people want a yellow car, but far more people want one than exist.”