AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you are not from Austin or even Central Texas, there may be some strange things you have noticed about the area, but do not worry. You are not alone.

KXAN previously asked what people thought of the state, but here is what a few said were the strangest things they have noticed since moving to the Austin area.

What’s Loop 1?

South Loop 1 sign in Austin, Texas (KXAN Photo/Frank Martinez)

Learning the names of roads can be crucial when moving to and settling in a new city, but what if the name on the maps is different from what locals actually call it? That’s the case for Loop 1, otherwise known as MoPac Expressway.

“Loop 1 isn’t actually a Loop. And everyone calls it Mopac, but I think I’ve only seen one or two signs that call it that,” one viewer said.

“It’s called MoPac because the railroad that runs along it is the Missouri Pacific line,” another viewer replied.

How do you say that?

Central Texas is a healthy mix of many cultures and languages, but it can make pronouncing the names of certain cities and roads a tad difficult.

“The random pronunciations of different places/names (I.e. Manchaca),” a viewer said.

“Not many of the cities are pronounced the way you think! It’s pretty funny,” another viewer agreed.

Use the link below to help learn how to pronounce some of the more difficult names.


Cedar Fever is definitely a thing, and it impacts nearly everyone in Austin and Central Texas. Allergies were something many viewers said they were not expecting when moving to the area.

“That the allergies and weather make this place uninhabitable, and I have no idea why anyone lives here,” one viewer said.

“Welcome to Texas. Yes, they’re horrible. Get yourself an allergy regimen stat,” a viewer replied.