AUSTIN (KXAN) — Competitors … start your stomachs!

The green flag will wave at Circuit of the Americas a day before the United States Grand Prix for a race against appetites during the “Spamarama” eating contest that features the infamous spiced ham in a can.

Major League Eating, the world’s governing body for competitive eating, will stage the event at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 23 at the track. Officially called the Spamarama World SPAM Eating Championships, some of the world’s most ferocious eaters will have eight minutes to compete for a $2,500 top prize.

The field of competitors includes the No. 2-ranked eater in the world, Geoffrey Esper, a 46-year-old from Oxford, Mass, No. 5 Miki Sudo from Tampa, Fla., and No. 6 Nick Wehry, also from Tampa.

There are also three Texans scheduled to chow down — Austinite Greg Wilson, ranked No. 46 in the world, No. 45 Jocelyn Walker from Sherman and Alex Perez of Dallas, ranked No. 49.

The world record for spam consumption was set in 2004 by Richard LeFevre. He chowed down six pounds of the canned meat in 12 minutes.

Major League Eating is the organization behind more than 80 competitive eating events each year, including its most famous hot dog eating contest on Coney Island in New York every July 4.