AUSTIN (KXAN) – You’ve heard of a lemonade stand, but what about a hand sanitizer stand?

That’s exactly what a 10-year-old boy has set up on the street outside his home in south Austin.

Miles Barker has capitalized on high demand for hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak by making his own and selling it for $3 a bottle. He calls it CoroNO Gel.

“We started to make it and we thought, how about we sell it because since it’s sold out everywhere, how about we sell it and maybe make some money,” Miles said.

Miles makes the sanitizer using aloe vera, essential oils and alcohol – he insists it meets the 60% alcohol standard recommended by the CDC.

Business has been booming since Miles started selling CoroNO Gel. His goal was to make $100, and he says he is almost there.

A close up view of CoroNO Gel (Tim Holcomb/KXAN)