AUSTIN (KXAN) — Racking up parking citations on the University of Texas at Austin campus? A new offer can dismiss one of those fines for the price of a few soup cans.

The Food for Fines program lets people donate soup cans in exchange for dismissed parking citations. The program runs Monday through March 24 and benefits the UT Outpost food pantry, according to UT.

Here’s the soup-to-citation breakdown:

  • five 10-ounce soup cans can dismiss citations totaling $15-$35
  • seven 10-ounce soup cans can dismiss citations totaling $36-$75

The offer is limited to one waived citation per person and does not include any late fees or collection fees. The types of eligible citations are listed online. The citations must have been issued between August 17, 2022 and March 5.

Soup cans can be donated at any of the six staffed garages on campus. Cans must be sealed, unopened and not expired. Soup can also be larger than 10 ounces in size.

A UT spokesperson said this is an annual program the UT Parking and Transportation Services offers.