AUSTIN (KXAN) — Some people in Austin are worried about proposed changes that could be coming to Zilker Park.

For the last two years, the city has discussed the Zilker Park vision plan which, city officials say, would improve access and make improvements to the park.

“It really is supposed to provide a framework and a guide for us,” Gregory Montes with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department said. “A roadmap, if you will, on how to restore and enhance the park so citizens can continue to use it.”

The plan proposes at least three parking garages throughout the park, more bike paths and pedestrian access and more bus stops. There are other improvements being proposed as well.

“The whole idea of parking structures in the park, it really developed pretty early on in the process, because of the parking situation and the issues we have had in the park and so this was part of the solution, but it was not the only solution,” said Montes.

“I enjoy it from ACL to just a weekend at Barton Springs,” said Laura Perez, who visits Zilker often.

Perez said she has been following the vision plan for the past few years and has some concerns.

“We don’t need a bunch of parking garages in Zilker,” Perez said.

Perez is not the only person who is concerned about the plan.

“We still can’t tell if anyone is listening on these major, major construction projects,” said David Weinberg, who worked with Rewild Zilker Park on a recent poll to find out what Austin thinks of the plan.

According to the poll, a group of organizations and people working to inform and educate people about the Zilker Park vision plan, they found the majority of participants wanted the park to be more of a natural area with recreation.

The poll also found 83% of the participants wanted the “Great Lawn” area to be left alone.

“What it does reflect over anything else is people want to see the natural areas of the park protected and they want to see outdoor activities,” Weinberg said.

The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling and received more than 600 responses from participants across every council district, according to a press release from Rewild Zilker Park.

“Why is this one park getting so much attention and why are we pouring such a huge amount of public resources into a park for projects that people don’t want to see,” Weinberg said.

You can read the full poll results from Rewild Zilker Park.