AUSTIN (KXAN) — Record-breaking rainfall hit Austin on Monday amid a very hot and dry summer, causing flash flooding all around the city. Shoal Creek got nearly five inches of rain, damaging surrounding parkland, trails, nearly flooding a restaurant, and creating other safety hazards.

In response, Shoal Creek Conservancy and Pease Park Conservancy launched a unified severe weather response team on Wednesday.

“[The team] will get out to the banks of Shoal Creek with grabbers and trash bags to collect the trash, limbs, and debris that currently line the sides of the trail,” Heath Riddles-Sanchez, CEO of Pease Park Conservancy said. “We will also inform and support the City of Austin in their repair of fallen retention walls, massive gaping holes in the land, and trails that have washed away.”

The two organizations have joined forces to raise $25,000 to aid in clean up efforts and to plan for future severe weather events, according to a press release.

The flash flooding caused hazards in the creek as well. Ivey Kaiser, Executive Director of Shoal Creek Conservancy explained that there could be litter or trash that washed into the creek, and bacteria levels could potentially be higher than usual. Kaiser advised that people and pets stay out of the water.

People can volunteer to help in the cleanup process or make monetary donations. Donations will be split evenly between Pease Park Conservancy and Shoal Creek Conservancy.