AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas State Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels will serve as “Governor for the Day” this Saturday.

The Texas Constitution states that when the governor and lieutenant governor are out of the state at the same time or otherwise unable to serve in their official capacities, the President Pro Tempore, who currently is Sen. Campbell, assumes the duties of the governor.

As part of a decades-old tradition, both top officials leave the state during the President Pro Tempore’s tenure to allow a day that honors the Senator for their services to the state and district.

Sen. Campbell said she’ll use her time to remind Texans of what binds them together.

“As Governor – even if just for the day – I call upon all of us to come together to remember these fundamental truths about ourselves: Texans want their families to be healthy and to be safe, they care deeply about their children and their education, and they want a fair shot at making a living and the economic opportunity to prosper.

As Governor, I am asking for your help. You see, the solutions to all of our challenges are not always found within the pink building in Austin, but within the people of Texas.

We each must do what we can to ensure a bright future for our children and grandchildren – to ensure that the idea that is Texas perseveres for generations to come.”

Sen. Donna Campbell

There will be a ceremony at the Texas Governor’s mansion on Saturday.