The #MeToo movement is taking center stage in Austin Tuesday as a number of celebrities are in town for a human resources conference called WorkHuman. The goal of the conference is to get HR professionals the support and guidance they need to take this movement and create real change in the workplace.

It started three years ago with the idea of treating people as humans, not just a number, in the workplace.

According to event organizers, the #MeToo movement is one of the biggest workplace movements in the past 50 years and is now allowing topics HR professionals deal with every day like sexual harassment, inequality and discrimination to be discussed more easily.

“HR people have grappled with these issues for their whole careers but they have done it behind closed doors. Now for the first time they get to talk about it externally and hopefully that will bring change for the better,” says Eric Mosley, the CEO of Globoforce .

Tuesday, Salma Hayek will talk about her experience with Harvey Weinstein making advances when she was making the movie Frida in 2002.

On Wednesday, Ronan Farrow, the journalist who broke the story in October of women’s sexual assault allegations against Weinstein, will discuss how that article brought the conversation to the forefront.

He will be joined by Ashley Judd and Tarana Burke, who started the #MeToo movement back in 2006 to promote the wellness of female minorities.

The conference wraps up Thursday with international human rights attorney and activist Amal Clooney, who is married to George Clooney, talking about her experience advocating for women who have been sexually assaulted and held against their will by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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