AUSTIN (KXAN) — Richard Moya Bus Plaza is now open for transportation and is ahead of schedule. The metro bus stop is located on Shady Lane and offers rides and amenities to Austinites.

“East Austin is a community that has always used transit services, and we’ve had a hard time connecting the transit services together with an off-street location,” said Capital Metro’s chief customer and operating officer, Dottie Watkins.

Richard Moya Bus Plaza (Frank Martinez/KXAN)

The Eastside bus plaza used to be an empty flat lot that was used as a parking lot. The bus stop is now a vibrant spot with eco-friendly designs. The bus stop has stormwater captures and rain gardens to give riders a pleasant wait before the buses arrive. There is also a brand new indoor facility to enjoy while waiting.

“To really have a location that’s off the street that has a lovely plaza and indoor waiting area, and is really designed to be a place for customers to dwell… is just very exciting,” Watkins said.

After five years of planning, the plaza is up and running with hopes of providing an enjoyable space for travelers.

“This is an asset to the community that we know the community will treasure for years and years to come.”