Reindeer influenza plaguing Austin area Elves on the Shelf

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Parents, if your Elf on the Shelf is seeming a little under the weather, he or she may have a bad case of reindeer influenza.

It's a form of reindeer flu that cannot be contracted by humans or pets, but can definitely set your elf back a couple of days. If he needs to be taken to get a check up, one doctor is willing to help.

"Well the elves are magic but even though they're magic they can still be susceptable to things you and I can get like the cold and flu which is going to be pretty bad this year," said Artie Abello, a doctor at Physicians Premier in Round Rock.

Abello will even provide a doctor's note to ensure your elf makes a full recovery.

Don't worry though, your elf can still take notes and report back to Santa after the recovery is all done.

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