AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin leaders on Wednesday evening celebrated sidewalk and lighting upgrades made to the Red River Street area.

Those leaders held a ribbon cutting along Red River Street and toured the improvements on foot, which included sidewalk, curb, gutter and ADA ramp additions, as well as landscaping and lighting upgrades.

With these new features, the City of Austin said the Red River Cultural District will be ready to receive patrons and foster safer experiences in the area.

“We were proud to partner with EDD and community stakeholders to help enhance the Red River Cultural District,” said James Snow, deputy director of the Public Works Department, in a press release. “Anytime Public Works can collaborate with residents, local businesses and other city departments for the common goal of creating safer, more efficient pedestrian options, we consider it a win for the city.”

The upgrades were made with assistance from Red River Cultural District stakeholders, Public Works and the City’s Economic Development Department. This partnership allowed the City to work with local businesses in the area to make sure the upgrades met their needs while accomplishing the goal of pedestrian safety.

Additional projects are in the works, including wayfinding, street banners and custom street signs for the district.