AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man was arrested Sunday by the Austin Police Department and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Manuel Carrillo-Osorio Jr., 19, was identified as the suspect and accused of pointing a gun at another man before firing the weapon.

According to court records, officers responded to a road rage incident Sunday near the 2800 block of Sol Wilson Drive.

The victim told police while he was stopped at a red light, he checked his phone and waited for the light to change. He then said he heard honking and saw a truck speed past. After realizing the light was green, the victim began driving again.

According to the report, Carrillo-Osorio got out of his vehicle, approached the victim and challenged him to a fight.

The victim told officers Carrillo-Osorio told him to follow him to his apartment and told the victim he had a gun.

The report said the victim followed Carrillo-Osorio to get his license plate information while calling the police. He said he stopped following him once he was able to provide the information to the 911 dispatcher, but at that point, Carrillo-Osorio had reached his residence.

According to records, the victim saw Carrillo-Osorio enter his residence and later return with a gun.

The victim said Carrillo-Osorio then fired the gun at him once, so he ducked down and reversed his vehicle.

Carrillo-Osorio told police the victim kept “f—— with him in traffic,” so he got out of his vehicle and told the victim to get out of theirs to fight.

The suspect originally told officers he fired the gun in the air, but he later said he fired the gun at the victim.

The report said Carrillo-Osorio told officers it was “out of trigger happiness.”

Records said when officers asked Carrillo-Osorio if he meant he accidentally discharged the weapon, he said yes.

According to records, the gun involved in the incident was reported as a stolen handgun out of Austin.

Jail records showed Carrillo-Osorio remained in the Travis County jail as of Thursday on a $20,000 bond.

KXAN reached out to Carrillo-Osorio’s attorney and received the following statement.

“Mr. Carrillo-Osorio is the victim in this situation.  Manuel was on his way home when this incident occurred.  Mr. Lazaro Monte Negro-Cruz’s careless behavior was the cause of the argument. This altercation could have been avoided if Mr. Lazaro Monte Negro-Cruz had continued on his given course of travel, but instead he followed Manuel to his home.  We look forward to presenting our side of the case to a jury.  We are confident Manuel will be exonerated.”

Charlie F. Baird