AUSTIN (KXAN) – Streets and sidewalks around DKR Memorial Stadium were filled with traffic of every kind as more than 105,000 football fans headed home or to their next party.

The ocean of people made for some long waits. Fans ordering rideshares dotted the outermost streets not blocked off to traffic.

Nate Matattel posted up near the intersection of Red River Street and Dean Keaton. He says he had been waiting more than 20 minutes already for his car, and still had more waiting to do for a second driver to pick him up.

“Our last car actually cancelled on us so that’s why we’re sitting here,” laughed Matattel.

Near the intersection of Trinity Street and East 15th, pedicabs circled the block for passengers. John Purguson has been a pedicab driver for five years, and he said while game days can be lucrative, they also come at a cost.

“On game day there is the opportunity to make more money but it’s a lot more exhausting,” said Purguson.

The driver says he’s noticed a concerning trend of unfriendly drivers on high-traffic days like this. He says it’s not uncommon for people riding e-scooters or bicycles to get injured.

“I’ve been doing this since 2017 and the amount of hostility, the amount of road rage, and with scooters and them getting hit by cars and stuff. It’s gotten real bad,” said Purguson.

Austin-Travis County EMS shared Saturday more personnel would be on standby during the game and overnight in downtown Austin anticipating an uptick in emergency calls. The agency says this was done because of the numerous visitors in town for the game.