AUSTIN (KXAN) — Cries for change in Iran reached Austin on Saturday, as members of the Iranian community chanted in solidarity with protests in Iran after the death of a woman in morality police custody.

The “Rally for Iran” was organized by Austin locals like Hadi Farasat. He moved to the U.S. 44 years ago but still holds his home country close to his heart.

“You can get the people out of Iran, but you cannot get the Iran out of the people,” Farasat said.

He said he and other organizers wanted to stand with those in Iran who face death if they speak out against the death of Mahsa Amini or strict code governing women’s lives.

This is just the latest uprising to happen in Iran during its history, said Farast. He hopes sustaining the current global spotlight on the country could help evoke changes toward a more democratic Iran.

“Previously people would rise up, they close down the country, they would crush them, and no one would know,” Farasat said. “We need to keep this in front of everybody’s eyes.”

Rakhsha Arnold attended the weekend rally. She was born in Iran, with her parents moving to the U.S. as refugees when she was a child.

She said the contrast between her life in the states and women in her birth country is stark, but she will keep using her freedom to help those that cannot speak for themselves at risk of persecution.

“We are all humans, and this is about humanity. We should all stand together,” Arnold said.

Farasat said the community is hopeful to have another rally soon, but no official plans have been set.