AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters will decide on the $460 million Proposition B that would fund projects for sidewalks, bike lanes, urban trails and streets across the city.

The bond is made up of several projects and programs.

  • Sidewalks: $80 million
  • Urban Trails: $80 million
  • Bikeways: $40 million
  • Safety/Vision Zero: $65 million
  • Safe Routes to School: $20 million
  • Local Transit Enhancement Program: $19 million
  • Neighborhood Partnering Program: $1 million
  • Substandard Streets: $53 million
  • Major Capital Improvements: $102 million

The biggest chunk of money, $102 million for capital improvements, would go to things such as the Longhorn Dam Bridge, Congress Avenue and South Pleasant Valley Corridor improvements as well as taking a closer look at Barton Springs Road. It would also focus on roads such as Ross and Johnny Morris roads in the city’s eastern crescent.

Of the $80 million allocated for sidewalks, $50 million would address missing sidewalks. Another $80 million would go to trails — connecting them to existing transportation infrastructure. The rest would go to projects for bikeways and vision zero which includes speed mitigation, pedestrian crossing and intersection reconstruction projects.

The bond also earmarks $20 million for Safe Routes to School targeting safety for elementary and middle school students walking or bicycling to and from school.

If approved, Prop B requires a 2-cent hike. It would happen in phases over a few years. Homeowners would not be charged until 2026. Homeowners with an average Austin home value of $325,000 would see an additional $65 on their tax bill each year.

Home ValueAnticipated Annual ImpactAnticipated Monthly Impact
(Source: City of Austin)