AUSTIN (KXAN) — Three-year-old Parker Lehnertz is a big, big fan of delivery drivers.

During the pandemic, Parker’s dad, Spencer, would push Parker around in a toy car and they would look for delivery trucks together. It was a safe COVID-19 activity for the Austin family.

That routine was how the Lehnertz’ bumped into a UPS delivery driver who has now become a staple part of Parker’s life.

During that first encounter, the driver gave Parker a UPS notepad and pen. Parker carried it around for days.

“Any time that guy is around he comes and says hi to Parker,” Spencer Lehnertz said.

Last week, Parker let the delivery driver know his third birthday was on the way. The driver not only remembered, but showed up with a birthday present perfect for a delivery driver fan, a pack of UPS vehicle toys.

“He just absolutely loves it,” Lehnertz said.

Lehnertz says with all of the news he’s seen about delivery drivers ending up in headlines for the wrong reasons, he wants to highlight how caring and kind this man is.

“He is consistently good.”

Lenhertz says he’s contacted UPS to let them know how much his family appreciates the driver. He is working to figure out the driver’s name.