AUSTIN (KXAN) — The popular Austin sushi restaurant Komé is reporting an increase of car break-ins in its area and while the restaurant has asked Austin police to step up patrols, the restaurant says the department isn’t helping.

According to the APD, the department began an online campaign in response, which urged people to lock their cars and houses at 9 p.m., but the restaurant says that’s not enough.

“So we’re a little frustrated with APD in that they aren’t patrolling as often or being as responsive to our calls when we do call in, especially as much as we call in,” said Elizabeth Hyman, Komé Sushi Kitchen Director of Operations. “With the concentrated area of break-ins. It is specific to this lot. So we would hope they would turn attention to this lot, and put a little more attention on this corridor of Airport Boulevard.”

APD requests citizens call 911 if they notice a stolen car or a car that appears to be broken into. Police also urge people to call 311 if they are calling about a break-in a day or more afterward.