AUSTIN (KXAN) — Police recovered a food trailer stolen early Sunday morning from a north Austin restaurant, according to the owner.

Trinh Nguyen, the co-owner of Le Bleu restaurant on Research Boulevard, said officers now have the bright green food trailer that someone took from a parking spot in front of her business. Police are not sharing where they found it in Austin, citing the ongoing investigation. However, they stated someone who saw KXAN’s coverage about the theft helped them locate it.

“Additionally, we want to thank your team for your help in this investigation, as we understand the initial call came from someone who had seen your coverage of this theft,” a police spokesperson said Wednesday afternoon.

Nguyen said the trailer has not been returned to her yet because police are keeping it for now to collect evidence and other information. She previously told KXAN that she intended to use the trailer to start serving lunch downtown.

A photo released by police Wednesday showed the condition of the food trailer when they recovered it. Someone had already started to paint the trailer black and cover up the stickers identifying the business.

KXAN reached out Wednesday morning to the Austin Police Department to ask whether officers have any suspects related to this case. Police said they’re unable to provide any other details at this time.

Police shared they received multiple calls Tuesday about the location of the stolen trailer, with the first happening at approximately 12:55 p.m. However, due to workload, the first officers did not arrive until 4:04 p.m.

Security cameras captured the large, dark-colored truck that pulled away the green “Saigon Le Vendeur” food trailer parked in front of the Le Bleu restaurant in north Austin. (KXAN photo)

Surveillance cameras near the restaurant captured a large, dark-colored truck drive away Sunday morning with the food trailer in tow.