AUSTIN (KXAN) — Police released new photos Wednesday of the suspect linked to a weekend kidnapping near the University of Texas at Austin campus.

The pictures taken from surveillance footage captured in the area of 27th and Nueces Streets show a man in what looks like a long-sleeved orange shirt and black pants and driving a black sedan with darkly-tinted windows. Police said they believed this was the man who grabbed a female student walking early Sunday morning.

Other students who live in that area of West Campus said two security guards from sorority houses nearby heard the woman calling for help and ran to assist her. She later escaped, according to reports. Police said they searched the area Sunday for the suspect and his vehicle, but they could not find them.

Police said they identified the “person of interest” seen in the photos, but they offered no additional information because they said the case is ongoing.

The UT Austin Police Department shared the pictures on social media and asked people who could help identify the person or the vehicle shown in them to contact Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS (8477).

One student said her sorority held a meeting this week to advise members about this situation and share ways for them to stay safe. A private security company based in Central Texas also expected to receive more calls about providing additional coverage in that area because of what happened.