AUSTIN (KXAN) — Emergency crews took a man to the hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries early Tuesday morning after a fire badly hurt him and displaced three others in east Austin.

Le’Asia Thompson, the man’s next-door neighbor, was at home with her family and was the only one awake when the fire broke out.

Just before 3 a.m., Thompson was watching TV in her room when she smelled something burning.

“I have a lot of cords in my room so I’m thinking it’s something in my room that’s on fire,” Thompson said.

She woke her brother up and they checked each plug. Everything seemed OK.

Soon after they looked out the window and saw a lot of smoke.

“I thought it was my house so I was scared,” Thompson said.

Her brother ran to the back door, saw smoke outside and ran to wake everybody up. Everyone got out as soon as possible.

When they got outside, Thompson saw the fire.

“We just saw the side of our neighbor’s house in flames,” Thompson said. “It was spreading really fast so I thought it was going to get to our house. I was scared, I started crying and panicking.”

Austin fire crews battled the fire as EMS treated the man they rescued from the home.

An overnight fire at a south Austin home has left one man critically injured and has displaced four others. (Todd Bailey / KXAN)

“I peeked over by the car and they were trying to revive him,” Thompson said. Luckily her house didn’t take any damage except “everything is stained with smoke,” Thompson said.

The home on fire had a lot of smoke damage throughout the house and visible fire damage. AFD said there was no damage to surrounding structures.