AUSTIN (KXAN) — What started as a mysterious animal swimming in Lady Bird Lake has been identified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

KXAN viewer Tracy Barden sent us this video of a creature gliding with its head just above the water. The video was taken Friday morning just before sunrise near the boardwalk in the 1500 block of Riverside Drive.

KXAN sent the video to TPWD and its experts believe the animal is a nutria.

Nutria are common in Central Texas. They can also be found in East Texas and along the Texas coast. The rodent is often compared to a beaver, according to TPWD.

The rodent isn’t always a great neighbor.

In a post titled “Texas’ most unwanted plants and animals,” TPWD said nutria eat aquatic vegetation and burrow, “which can lead to erosion and damage roads.”

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