COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KXAN) — Police say Nick Shaughnessy and his wife Jaclyn Edison lived in College Station while plotting to kill Shaughnessy’s parents back in Austin.

Edison was going to school at Texas A&M University. Shaughnessy told neighbors he worked out of their apartment day trading stocks.

“I would say they were a little secretive,” said Caleb Miller, who lives across the street.

He says he would talk to Shaughnessy about once a week. The day Shaughnessy’s father, Ted, was killed Nick contacted him to ask if he could pick up the newspaper outside his apartment.

“He told me his father passed away and I expressed my condolences,” said Miller. “And something that I found a little odd was he sent me the police report in Austin of what happened and basically told me his father was murdered.”

Another neighbor says Shaughnessy was openly telling other people at the complex his dad had been killed. Miller helped Shaughnessy and Edison move out about two weeks later. 

“Everyone grieves differently but he — it just didn’t seem to faze him,” said Miller.

Austin defense attorney Perry Minton says Shaughnessy has been living with his mom since his father’s death.

The son’s College Station neighbors say he installed an elaborate security system with several security cameras positioned outside the home, and an alarm system inside where he openly talked about keeping several guns.

One neighbor said Shaughnessy would open his front door holding a gun in his hand, and say you can never be too safe.

While searching the apartment, police found .380 caliber bullets that matched casings at the crime scene.

Investigators also believe Shaughnessy’s parents’ home alarm was accessed remotely from Shaughnessy’s computer in College Station.

Investigators say someone logged into the system and manually deleted footage from his parents’ security cameras, erasing video evidence of the deadly shooting.

“[It’s] just sad, disappointing,” said Miller. “But the overall absurdity of the situation is just bizarre.”

Another neighbor tells KXAN Shaughnessy would go into the apartment office on a daily basis and “give off an uncomfortable vibe” while talking to employees. 

According to the arrest warrant, two weeks before his dad was killed he reached out to someone who works for the apartment complex via social media.

He said they were ever looking to make some extra cash to let him know. When she asked him what he meant, he said, “illegal activities… anything from strippers to murders.” He said the job would pay $20,000 per “head” with a $15,000 incentive. 

Police also found a computer in Shaughnessy’s apartment with downloaded conversations from his iPhone between him and his wife at the end of February that suggested they were trying to find someone who would kill his parents.