AUSTIN (KXAN) — As classes begin for the Spring 2019 semester, the University of Texas at Austin is instituting new rules and fines for people riding scooters on campus, officials announced to the student body in an email Tuesday.

“With the 2018 influx of scooters in Austin, a large number found their way to The University of Texas along with an increase in related injuries and confusion about usage rules and expectations,” officials wrote in the email.

Effective immediately, scooters will only be allowed to be parked at bike racks. UT will begin impounding scooters that are left anywhere else. “The charge to companies is $150 per impound. As a result, scooter companies may pass these fees along to responsible riders,” officials wrote. 

Other rules that will be coming during the Spring semester include: 

  • Riding speeds will be limited to no higher than 8 mph on campus
  • A pilot project will create 10 designated scooter parking zones on campus and more will be considered after the project launches
  • A new ticketing process will be instated to ensure scooter safety 
  • Faculty and staff will be prohibited from work-related use of commercial scooters 

You can view all the new rules and guidelines on scooter operation on the UT website.