AUSTIN (KXAN) — Being a parent isn’t easy, and it’s even harder with a fulltime job.

Plus, according to, childcare costs an average of $18-$20 an hour in Austin. Add in a membership to a coworking space and people are paying quite the cost.

For parents experiencing that challenge, help is here, as a brand-new business just opened in north Austin.

WorkCastle offers childcare combined with a co-working space.

Holly Koutin has a two-year-old daughter, who’s dropped off each week at WorkCastle.

“I don’t have full-time help, so somewhere like this where I knew it was safe, new and seemed really cutting edge was very exciting,” Koutin said. “It turned out to be even better in person.”

The state-of-the-art space works with children ranging in age 18 months to 13 years old.

It offers opportunities for kids to learn music, arts and crafts.

“This is comparable for me to getting a babysitter at home,” Koutin said. “The difference is if I need my house to be quiet for whatever reason, I have that option.”

WorkCastle opened in early August.

The business was built by three parents who had struggled to balance both work and family life.

WorkCastle was founded by three parents who had found it hard to manage work and family life at the same time.

Maya Karelina is one of the co-founders of WorkCastle.

“This is a game changer for parents,” she said. “It’s hourly childcare of exceptional quality and very academic based.”

Coworking spaces include desks and conference rooms, which are available to rent for an hour or longer.

“It’s great to have a flexible option, so that you have some time for yourself or to work,” Karelina said.

Joanna Rogerson has a two-year-old son while working around the clock running a fitness studio in Austin.

“I can leave him in a really safe environment and he loves it,” she said. “I’m just right next door and I get a quiet space.”

With Wi-Fi, a print station and coffee shop just a door down from her son; Rogerson says it’s her safe haven.

“As a parent who works from home and has a small child, this is so convenient,” she concluded. “It allows us the flexibility to drop him in here whenever we need it.”

WorkCastle costs $20 an hour for childcare and an additional $20 per hour to rent out a coworking space.

To learn more about the business, you can visit its website.