AUSTIN (KXAN) — Meals on Wheels has launched a pilot program designed to help vulnerable seniors age safely in their homes.

The program, called Capable, involves a team of three professionals: an occupational therapist, a registered nurse and a handy person working together to build on the client’s strengths and make their home a safer environment. This approach allows seniors to have control over their days while receiving help.

“Just having Stephanie and Susan around to help me out to set goals and help me accomplish those goals on the inside it makes me feel very special,” said Sharon Lunzmann, a client of the program.

Results from studies done by Meals on Wheels show the Capable program leads to a 50% decrease in depressive symptoms among clients and a reduction in both hospitalizations and nursing home admission rates.

Capable is currently in its pilot phase of the program, and the maximum number of eligible participants have already been enrolled.