AUSTIN (KXAN) — A business owner on East Seventh Street said he was surprised to find out what he thought were neighbors having a personal fireworks show across the street was, in fact, someone being shot.

An update from Austin Police said the shooting took place on the 2600 block of Gonzales St. Previously, APD reported it happened on that same number block but on East Seventh Street, which is just in front of Gonzales Street.

Daniel Estrada, the owner of Estrada’s Cleaners, said he was finishing some final tasks before closing down for the night. That’s when he said he heard several loud pops from outside.

“Thought I heard fireworks,” said Estrada.

Shortly after, Estrada took a look outside and saw several police cars. He said he was shocked to hear of the crime taking place so close to his business.

“I couldn’t believe that it happened just right back there and so close by,” Estrada said.

While the crime happened near East Seventh, the trouble continued over to the intersection of East 15th and Red River Streets, where the entrance to Dell Medical Center at the University of Texas is.

A gunshot victim appeared near the intersection, prompting police response as security said a person with a gun was nearby.

A statement from the hospital said this warning triggered a “silver” alert for the facility until cleared by authorities. Police later found the person and took them into custody.

APD said the investigation into this incident is ongoing.