AUSTIN (KXAN) — Nearly 1,500 businesses in the Austin area have either temporary closed or shuttered doors entirely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research by Yelp.

Their data says 1,449 total businesses have closed in the Austin-Round Rock area at some point between March 1 to July 10. That includes 155 restaurants and 72 retail businesses.

Yelp data on business closures during COVID-19

Popular restaurants like Magnolia Cafe and Threadgill’s were among the local closures, and more recently bowling alley Dart Bowl.

Austin ranks No. 14 on the list of major metropolitan areas where businesses are closing at the highest rate. Honolulu is No. 1, followed by San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Austin is No. 14 on the list of areas where businesses are closing at the highest rate

Texas has had more than 11,000 businesses close, with more than 6,000 of those closing permanently, the data says.

Nationwide, restaurants have made up 53% of total businesses closing. Retail businesses follow, then spas and gyms.

The research also says that states with “increased consumer interest” in businesses like bars and nightclubs during May had higher COVID-19 cases in June. Texas was one of those states.

The data shows when the virus hit in March, that interest plummeted and stayed low until restrictions relaxed in May.