AUSTIN (KXAN) — CapMetro anticipates it will resume limited services Thursday morning as the National Weather Service forecasts improved conditions.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Thursday, CapMetro Bus, Pickup, CapMetro Access and MetroBike will begin leaving the bus yard and be available for service, with additional buses and increased frequency levels expected by noon.

“The delayed start allows the agency to assess roadway conditions to ensure the safety of its frontline staff and customers,” officials said in a statement. “CapMetro staff are currently performing route reviews, which will continue through tomorrow morning, to assess if any detours need to be made.”

CapMetro Access team members will connect with customers who scheduled trips before 10 a.m. tomorrow to determine if appointments can be rescheduled, per the release. If road conditions aren’t severe, CapMetro will resume trips to life-sustaining treatments, which had to be canceled Wednesday due to outages and roadway conditions.

Officials said CapMetro Rail won’t resume Thursday to help ensure power is restored and all crossings are tested and ready for services, officials said. Similarly, CapMetro Express, most Flyer Routes and Rail Connectors 465 and 466 won’t be available.

Officials added they anticipate some service delays, in part, due to school closures in the area and “unforeseen impacts due to the inclement weather.”

“Suspending and delaying service is an incredibly difficult decision that we do not make lightly,” said CapMetro President & CEO Dottie Watkins in the release. “It is not lost on me how important and crucial our services are to our community. However, we had to make this decision with safety being the number one factor, for our customers and our staff.”