AUSTIN (KXAN) — What color are most cars on the road in Austin? The answer is pretty black and white — literally.

According to a study by car search engine, more than a quarter of all cars in Austin are white and about a fifth are black.

Around 18% of Austin cars are gray and about 13% are silver. More colorful cars account for much less: about 9% of cars in Austin are blue, while 8% are red.

Other colors — like brown, green, beige and orange — account for around 3%.

The website looked at more than 6 million used car sales nationwide between January and August this year to determine the most popular colors.

Austinites’ tastes are very similar to Americans’ as a whole. In fact, the top eight colors in Austin match the top eight nationwide.

Grayscale-colored cars — white, black, gray and silver — make up about 79% of all cars on America’s roads, according to the study, with white making up more than a quarter.

“White’s popularity can be attributed to it being one of the easiest colors to maintain, and because it is a common color for fleet and rental vehicles, white is prevalent in the used car market,” Karl Brauer, executive analyst for iSeeCars, said.

Blue and red are the most popular non-grayscale colors.

“Subdued blue hues are likely a popular choice among consumers who want to stand out in the sea of cars in neutral colors without being too flashy,” Brauer said. “Red cars are commonly associated with sports cars, with performance-oriented drivers often opting for this hue.”

The color of your car can matter, especially if you’re trying to sell. Brauer says less popular colors depreciate less because they are more rare in the used car marketplace. Grayscale colors, meanwhile, depreciate close to average.