AUSTIN (KXAN) – Even with the recent rainfall in Central Texas, it wasn’t enough to recharge some of the aquifers.

It’s left many wells dry and homeowners, like David Walsh, turning to a different type of water storage called rainwater harvesting.

Walsh installed his rainwater tank about seven months ago. He said the pump for his well stopped working and he didn’t want to dig another one.

“There’s so much development that you know a lot of the aquifers are now going dry,” Walsh said.

That’s why he reached out to Ron Van Sickle, owner of Harvested Rain Solutions.

“The rain comes off of the roof into the gutters. It comes down these down spouts and as long as the tank level is lower than the downspouts, the water will go from the downspouts into the top of the tank by gravity,” Van Sickle said.

Van Sickle said the water goes through several filters and is ready for use in the home. He said the number of calls they’ve gotten has doubled compared to last.

“Where we would normally have a few calls a week, we’re getting a few calls a day,” Van Sickle said.

He said more wells are drying up and people don’t want to wait for the aquifers to recharge. The rainwater tanks hold thousands of gallons of water and when they’re full, Van Sickle said they can last up to 10 months.

“We had several examples last week where folks collected enough water to go for three or four more months,” Van Sickle said.

The only issue right now is getting rain in them. Walsh said he is at the mercy of mother nature.

“Doing rain dances and everything else. Trying to get it to rain but yeah checking the weather constantly,” Walsh said.

But he said when the rain does come, it’s nice knowing it’ll be going into his tank for him and his family to use.

“Waiting for all rain… and its coming,” Walsh said.