AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Monday, the court selected a jury for the trial of Austin Police Officer Christopher Taylor, who was charged with murder in the death of Mike Ramos. Opening statements will take place Monday, Oct. 23.

Taylor shot and killed Michael Ramos, 42, during a confrontation with police in a south Austin apartment complex parking lot in April 2020.

On Monday, attorneys asked potential jurors if they could remain fair and unbiased despite their personal views. Regarding this case specifically, Taylor’s attorneys asked the jury pool about their prior knowledge of this case as well as their experience and perspectives about law enforcement in general.

In May, a judge granted the defense’s motion for a mistrial following several snags in the jury selection process.

The court chose from jury pools of 80 and 50, and could not find enough eligible jurors to sit on the case. This time around, the court will conduct jury selection differently, according to Ken Ervin, one of Taylor’s attorneys. The court will order three panels of 100 potential jurors and move to a bigger courtroom for jury selection.

During the previous jury selection process in May, Judge Dayna Blazey said she expects the trial to last three to four weeks.

Former prosecutor Gary Cobb is coming out of retirement to help with the murder trial. Travis County District Attorney José Garza made a special request for Cobb to help with the case, according to a source who asked to remain anonymous because of their proximity to the case.