The man who disappeared while swimming near his family’s boat last Saturday has been identified as a man from Elgin.

Multiple agencies have been searching for Manuel Salas, 53, since his family called 911 and said he hadn’t resurfaced. Rescue searches turned to recovery searches, and people have been looking for him every day during daylight since he disappeared.

Despite using sonar, divers, K-9s, aerial and boat searches, they have not found his body. The area where he disappeared is reportedly 130-150 feet deep.

“TCSO is grateful to all the local agencies who assisted in the search and we extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Salas as they face this difficult time,” it wrote in a statement.

Lake Patrol Deputies will respond to calls on Lake Travis and keep searching on the surface of the water and the shore. Officials will no longer conduct sonar and dive team searches.

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