AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin couple is hoping a microchip mix-up doesn’t mean their dog is gone for good.  

Keller Davis and John Baxa adopted their Corgi Chihuahua mix, named Wiley, from the Austin Animal Center two and a half years ago.

Davis says on Friday, Wiley got loose while he and the dog were visiting his parents’ house in Addison.

“He kind of escaped underneath the fence, and we immediately started searching everywhere for him,” Davis explained.

The city of Addison’s animal control eventually picked Wiley up. But when Davis went to get him, he said he was told he couldn’t have him.

“She kind of walks out with a police officer and said that it was going to be bad news, and I would have to wait,” Davis said of a city employee.

Davis was told that when the shelter scanned Wiley’s microchip, his previous owner’s name was the only one that popped up. Going through Wiley’s adoption paperwork, Davis believes something was entered wrong.

“On every single piece of this, the microchip number is a 14 digit number, and apparently it’s supposed to be, the one that they have for him is a 15 digit number,” Davis said. “And that’s a part of the mistake.” 

Wiley is being boarded while the Addison Animal Shelter decides who will get him. Davis says he was told the dog’s original owner lost him as well and is interested in taking him back.

“While that’s unfortunate, and I feel bad about that. We have known Wiley for a much longer period of time, based on his estimated age,” Davis said. “And we’ve taken care of him for that amount of time, and this is the home that he knows. I think that it just does a public good for adoptions to be honored when they happen, regardless of whether there was some kind of microchip mistake made at the time.”

A spokeswoman for the Austin Animal Center said she couldn’t give KXAN any information about Wiley’s case Monday. But, she said, the Austin Animal Center would work to help reunite Wiley and his owners.