AUSTIN (KXAN) — One man has been arrested after a robbery outside an east Austin AutoZone on Monday where multiple suspects fired their guns into the air.

Jonathan Jamale Quinn, 28, was taken into custody after police say he ran across the street from the mechanic shop at 6500 Springdale to an apartment.

Witnesses say just before 2 p.m. a black sedan and a black Ford Explorer drove up, and three armed men got out, told the people in the area to get down and demanded money. At least one had a “‘AK-47’ type gun”, according to an affidavit.

One victim told police Quinn walked up to him, shoved a handgun “into his chest and pushed him to the ground,” the affidavit said. The victim handed the man his ID and cash.

“All of the suspects then started firing their weapons into the air,” the affidavit continued. “Several rounds did strike a vehicle in the parking lot.”

Police investigate a robbery at an AutoZone on Springdale Road Sept. 2, 2019 (KXAN Photo/Tim Holcomb)

The victim rolled under a car and two suspects drove off, while Quinn ran to the nearby apartment, according to police. Police used a PA system to tell the people in the apartment to come out, and according to the affidavit Quinn did, but told police he had been napping and the announcement woke him up. Police saw he had a large abrasion on his knee and scratches on his knuckles.

“Quinn said these came from a fall earlier before he arrived at the apartment but the fresh unscabbed wounds made this unlikely,” police wrote in the affidavit. “It is also unlikely these were sustained during a nap.”

Quinn is listed as being in custody in the Travis County Jail. He faces an aggravated robbery charge.