AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is considering relocating its police, fire, EMS and chief medical officer’s offices to a shared campus in northeast Austin, according to a June 21 memo to city officials.

The four departments are currently spread throughout Austin. Specifically, APD is currently housed in several buildings including its downtown Austin headquarters and sites on Rutherford Lane and Ed Bluestein Boulevard.

“The buildings currently occupied by APD were not intended to be used in the manner of which they are currently used, and as such, result in operational and efficiency deficits,” Deputy Chief Financial Officer Kim Olivares wrote in the memo.

The memo says the city is considering a Public Safety Campus at 1520 Rutherford Lane in northeast Austin where APD already has some of its offices.

In April, financial services consultants completed space program requirements for the four Austin departments, the memo said. The consultants will also provide building performance specifications before the end of June, which will give the city data to create a Request for Proposal for the campus redevelopment.

The memo also says the city will create a community engagement strategy before the end of 2022 to “understand how a new campus can serve the surrounding neighborhoods as well as the City as a whole.”