AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is working to repair roughly 125 vehicles from its city-run fleet that have air conditioning issues.

The city’s total vehicle fleet amounts to 7,260 vehicles, as of Aug. 11. Of those 7,260 vehicles, 4,863 of them are classified as “on-road” vehicles, per a Wednesday city memo.

City officials confirmed approximately 125 vehicles have open work orders relating to AC issues, with 13 of those vehicles belonging to Austin Resource Recovery.

“These work orders encompass a spectrum of tasks, ranging from basic diagnostics to comprehensive system repairs,” the city memo read in part.

The City of Austin’s Fleet Mobility Services Department has “temporarily implemented gate checks” to test the vehicle’s AC operations before a driver leaves the city’s fleet yard. Drivers are also encouraged to both “promptly report and schedule their vehicles for repairs at designated facilities.”

When extensive repairs are needed, Fleet Mobility Services officials said the department will provide temporary-use vehicles to help minimize any operational impacts to city services.

As for the length of time repairs take, officials said that depends on the severity of the issue. Service centers complete comprehensive inspections of the vehicle’s major operating systems, including the AC unit, as part of its repair efforts.

AC unit repairs and other fleet-related costs are forecasted “to include preventive and necessary maintenance,” per the memo.

Austin Resource Recovery had 103 AC repairs done in June and 112 completed in July, per the memo. On average, 24 AC repairs are needed each month, with the summertime spiking to an average of 38 AC repairs.

However, the memo noted, “the current peak of HVAC repairs in June and July has increased by 49% vs. the same period in FY22.”