AUSTIN (KXAN) — Much like the human, Reba the dog is quite the survivor.

She recently had an interesting adventure, after she found her way into an Austin Recycles garbage truck.

The truck’s driver, Kenneth Perkins, said he was emptying a trash cart into the back of his truck when he saw a tail go past the camera, according to a Facebook post from the Austin Fire Department. He got out of the cab and saw a dog looking at him from the hopper of the truck.

Perkins called his dispatch and safety teams to report the emergency and they, in turn, contacted AFD.

Crews were dispatched, and Reba was in firefighter Sara Coon’s arms within about 10 minutes.

Coon’s sister Allison took Reba home to care for her until her owner was located and, in the meantime, sent information to the Austin Animal Center, which is how Reba’s owner Jim found her, AFD wrote in its post.

Jim told AFD that Reba, a 12-year-old rat terrier, is “to say the least, adventurous.”

He said he always lets Reba outside in the morning and he came back home one day to discover her missing. The next day was garbage day, and “as to how she came to be in the truck is anyone’s guess,” Jim told AFD.

A few days later was when he saw Reba’s photo on the Austin Animal Center’s website. The shelter put him in touch with her temporary caretaker. That night, Jim and Reba reunited.

“I cannot tell you how relieved and grateful I am to all involved. It would have been easier to turn her over to animal control, but they went above and beyond to make the effort to get her home,” Jim told AFD. “This humanitarianism is all too rare today and is to be lauded. I hope all the kind people involved get the recognition they deserve.”