AUSTIN (KXAN) — Not only is Meals on Wheels Central Texas delivering food to the area’s most vulnerable population to COVID-19, but the nonprofit is also offering vaccine information.

“A lot of people think meals on wheels is just providing meals to you, but they do much more,” said Francis Hunter, a Meals on Wheels client.

Along with her food, Hunter was told she qualified for the vaccine. She said she wouldn’t have known otherwise.

“If it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels I wouldn’t have known it was time for us to get our vaccination,” Hunter said.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas has delivered 800,000 meals to homebound seniors since the beginning of the pandemic, and now with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in full force, the nonprofit wants to make sure its clients are taken care of.

“A lot of times questions do come up,” said Linda Perez with Meals on Wheels. “What is going on? What can I do?”

Perez says many of its clients don’t have access to the internet and might have trouble signing up for the vaccine.

“We’re providing flyer information that goes out with their meal delivery, and then we have been doing phone calls to the clients to give them that information,” Perez said.

On the day Hunter was scheduled to get her vaccine, she didn’t have transportation, but meals on wheels connected her to a company that was able to take her.

“Because we ourselves don’t offer transportation options then it is being able to give our clients that information,” said Perez.

“There hasn’t been a time when I wasn’t able to call Meals on Wheels and they weren’t able to rescue me,” Hunter said.

Because of the pandemic, Meals on Wheels has moved its meal drop-off schedule to every other week, but they plan to reopen for daily meal deliveries in mid-April. They will be looking for more than 200 volunteers to help get the meals to clients.