AUSTIN (KXAN) — Inflation is going up but the job market may not be slowing down. Just last month, the U.S. added almost 400,000 jobs, which is good news, especially for one group.

“In 2022, employers are planning on hiring one-third more students or recent grads than they did in 2021,” said job expert Julie Bauke. “Which means there is going to be fierce competition for jobs.”

Bauke said that fierce competition can lead to competitive pay but warns against this mistake.

“The temptation then is to take the job you can find with the highest salary. That is very often a mistake. For decades, we’ve known salary is not what keeps people happy at work,” Bauke said.

Bauke said keep in mind your mental health and prioritizing what makes you happy.

“Is it time off, is it flexibility, is it a set career path? A lot of companies have those they bring out as part of the offer process,” Bauke said.

The next step, if you’re in the job market and take the offer, is to show up.

In 2019, Indeed found 83% of employers surveyed were ghosted on the first day of work, meaning the new hire didn’t report to work.

“Which is crazy but that’s really a thing now. Employers getting ghosted on the first day of work by someone who pledged to be there,” said Bauke.