AUSTIN (KXAN) — A west Austin homeowner was stunned when he received an alert that someone had broken into his home.

Then when he checked his security cameras, he saw the burglar was only in his underwear.

Andrew Fish lives on Windsor Road and when his security system alerted him someone had broken in, he rushed home and called police.

In the video Fish showed to KXAN, you can see the man walking from room to room.

“He was walking around in his underwear,” said Fish. “He had a bottle of my wine, and when I got here I couldn’t tell how he got in immediately, so I unlocked the front door which was still locked. I turned on the lights downstairs, and this guy comes walking out downstairs. We have video of all that, and at that point he is trying to talk to me, and I turned around and I was walking out.”

Fish said the man was able to get away before police arrived, but he said some neighbors nearby reported seeing him walking through the neighborhood.